Friday, September 28, 2012


This little gray and white sleeper is one of my favorite outfits for my baby. Unfortunately for the sleeper he has a long torso and so even though its a three month-er outfit it doesn't really fit my big baby anymore.  Sad Day, I loved it, he was so cute in it.  Last night he moved into size 2 diapers.  Boy is my boy big and just keeps growing. (I know other people have much bigger babies than 9 lbs, but 9 lbs is two pounds bigger than my other babies, so he is huge for me.) I was hoping he didn't grow out of size 1 before we finished off the two boxes we were given.  We just barely made it. We had to give away a 1/4 of a box of newborns, because he was just too big.
Its high time I post pictures of my other babies in comparison.  I think he is the missing link between the two of them. People have always told me my eldest looks like my husband.  While they say my daughter looks like me, and my baby looks like my daughter or me.
  Daughter again

 By the way my sons are not cone heads they both have/had hair that stuck up. Ok, well J's hair curled up, and I give my baby the baby fohawk hair do, when I rub lotion in his scalp.
I don't know, I think in my mind that baby A looks like J, then I look at baby pictures and not so much at all!

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