Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Easy Baby

Our third baby is beyond easy.  Brent and I didn't know having a newborn could be so fun.
Then again, I was thinking about it last night, if he wasn't my third I don't know if I would think it was easy.  My recovery wouldn't have been quick, and I wouldn't realize how lucky I am with his sleep schedule.  I'm sure I would be super stressed out by my baby's need to be held if he isn't sleeping.  But he is my third, so I realize how easy he is, I know how to take care infants.  Sometimes I question his want of being held so much when he is awake, but then I realize it is probably a blessing, because otherwise I might forget to cuddle him, I'm so busy with the other kids starting school.  It makes me take things slow and relax, plus holding him, instantly makes life seem perfect.
We were dreading the infant stage, but honestly we are having a blast this time.  Sure he spits up so much of his food, I wonder how he retains any of it in his belly, but it usually doesn't phase me at least he isn't screaming while he spits up.  I think the only times it has stressed me out is when he is also exploding out of his diaper at the same time.
I'll be honest laundry is overwhelming me.
He is perfect though, and super fun.  Plus he is starting to smile at me. Unfortunately he is also growing up and realizing he can cry loudly when we aren't attending to him quick enough.  Sometimes I think he is getting a raw deal, because he often has to wait until I finish something for his older siblings.  Then again emotionally I'm sure they think they are being ignored with all the excitement of a baby in the house.
I never want him to grow out of the bassinet next to my bed, he is so easy, I just want him to be an infant forever.  If you talked to me before or during my pregnancy you know bizarre it is that we are enjoying this.  I was utterly dreading infancy, I kept wondering if I could some how magically get an 18 month old in our family instead of a newborn.  Luckily my plans didn't work out and we got an infant instead!

Ignore his milky tongue, he is not cooperative with cleaning it.
He also likes his paci! 
 I've never had a child who liked a paci before.  My first was compelled to take one by me, because sometimes I just couldn't handle him eating anymore!  He wanted to nurse every hour, it made me want to scream, and often my husband had to pick up the pieces of a wife falling apart from exhaustion and constant feedings, mixed in with homework deadlines.  My second took occasionally took a pacifier until she was 3 months old and found her thumb.  She was angry with or without the pacifier so who knows if she liked it.  My third, he takes his pacifier multiple times a day.  He is the first one that doesn't seem to understand nursing to sleep, and often takes it to lull himself to sleep.  He is also my first one I often have to rock to sleep.  Its bizarre to me, but as long as its not his siblings bedtime its nice to cuddle and love.  Its nice he likes his paci.  I dreamed of having a paci kid, instead of a 5 year old sucking their thumbs.  Its also nice since his schedule often takes a back seat to his sibling's.  They have to go to school when it starts, and I have to pick them up when its over.  We make three trips each day to school, each ranging from 20-45 minutes, his paci mixed with my long arms that can reach behind my seat is a blessing.


  1. Hooray for long arms and paci! You are a pro after the first two! He is so adorable I wish we could hold him too! I got to hold danna's baby yesterday for the first time. Light as a feather and such a good little boy, he fell asleep for me so she could look through bags of baby clothes I was giving her to store in her garage for three years! Ha ha!

  2. Oh I love it! We were blessed with "easy" newborns and my husband LOVES newborns. I'm in the 18 month stage and Solomon is giving me a run for my money haha! I love the updates :)