Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break

I know there are no pictures on this post, I'm really slow!
We took a much needed break. With my husband's schedule it was much needed. We originally planned this trip, but then canceled it to do something with my parents, then that thing fell through so we went back to our original plans. My mom felt bad but, but we assured her she needed not to. It was what we needed this trip. We got to reconnect with friends we haven't seen in a while. We got to spend time as an immediate family, my kids slept in the car, and my husband and I talked. My husband finally got me dreaming/scheming/ planning a fun filled future that might never happen but we hope will. I figured out what I want out of life, I talked, he listened, he talked a little bit, then I talked so more. (I heard a Bishop's wife one day say, she and her husband were in counseling, and were instructed each night to pull two chairs in front of one another and talk, the husband had 5 minutes, the woman had 25. Now I clearly know not every couple/woman is like that, but that is definitely how my husband and I roll.)
I needed this vacation did I mention that? I needed to share, I need to connect/reconnect. I needed it all. I feel blessed that my husband has so many great friends, that have whole heartedly excepted me into their lives because he was apart of their lives.
I've also realized I've got to get out. I know many people love the state I live in, but I don't. I've hit an acceptance, I get see benefits, I can see positives, I can see blessings, but it is not for me forever, once the MBA degree is in our hand we are out. Although I do love to live by family, and see everyone, that is a benefit. I was not raised there, and still after 7 years I feel like an outsider. SEVEN years, how in the heck did I manage that seven years is a long time. Anyway, the vacation was a blessing.
We staying in Sacarmento for a day and half, ended up in the Bay Area for 3 days and nights, we drove down Highway 1, along the coast, only occasionally wondering if we were going to fall off into the ocean. I kept telling my husband everything is so beautiful and green, he said wait a month, it will all be brown. I fell in love with the ocean for the first time in a very long time. We talked, and we drove, the kids mostly slept, we stopped for the night. We fell in love with the town, and fell in love with the ocean. I like the ocean when its not overly sunny, wierd I know. I'm my mothers daughter, as much as I fight it, its who I am, I take a nap with my arm on my forehead, just like mother, ask my sister in law. We drove with all the LA traffic, and found my brother and family. We just hung out with my sister in law and nephews. We went to the ghetto fabric store and bought buttons. My hair was trimmed, Popsicles were consumed by cousins. My nephew and my son ran into each other, my kid has the huge bruise on his head to prove it. My kid threw up, four times, my husband, brother, and nephews went to the beach. I cried when my son walked outside 5 seconds after barfing saying where is my swimsuit, I want to go to the beach. He didn't get to go to the beach.
Yeah, the end of my trip was slightly more poetic than the beginning. Let me assure you my heart was just as poetic the first weekend, I love it all, but the days have faded, I can't remember everything, only the feelings left, and how do you type on a post those feelings? I don't I can't. But I loved watching our friend's 2 year old daughter yell at my 1 year old, and watching my baby bawl, it has hysterical, everytime. And there is something so relaxing about being in the house on Hidden Lane, that my husband spent so much time in as a kid, and 18 year old. Something so relaxing and accepting, enough so that they probably thought I was as lazy as all get out, I slept until 9 each morning, and took a nap each afternoon. I well forever be indebted to that family for helping my husband become the person he is.
My poor feverish, barfing child who just wanted to go to the beach. Did I mention the whole reason the rest of the boys went to the beach was because mine asked to? I just hope no one else gets sick.
(I forgot to click publish post.)
Here is the end of the trip. We left at 4 am in LA, drove to Vegas for breakfast swore I would never ever stop there for breakfast again. Second time I made that mistake. Told my husband I want to go to another magic show. Then arrived home. I drove about half of the way home, my husband felt sick luckily he did not barf, no one else did. We got home, I unpacked, put the kids to bed, and then my husband and I went to bed. It was a great vacation. I relaxed, my heart was put to ease. Pictures were taken, my children were loved by people they haven't seen in a while. J keeps asking to go back to the Bay Area, to M's house.

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  1. taking the 1 down from the bay area is gorgeous
    we lived in MOnterey for a year and a half and I want to get back
    I have been in UT for almost 7 years as well (off and on) and I think it is perfect for school but I too am ready to leave..