Sunday, March 28, 2010

My dreams

It turns out I've been like entirely stressed out, over whelmed, and hormonally imbalanced. After feeling like a pill addict, I'm starting to finally recover. Which luckily corresponded with MBA Spring Break. Turns outs once I've finally recovered from pregnancy and lactation, I'm willing dream once again with my husband. Where you may ask am I dreaming?
We are totally moving to Morro Bay after my husband graduates. My idea not his, but he was more than willing to oblige. One of the great things about Morro Bay is its not too far away from a nice roadside stop on California's Highway 1, where the Elephant Seals hang out. Pictures to follow, maybe... but I had to post my memories before I forgot, now that Alisa jogged my memory, with her Sea World post.
But it was great to see the Elephant Seals. We spent a good couple of hours are Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was fun, but you know I was dizzy and had a headache and well there is only so much time you can stare at marine life right? Wrong, after that we drove south and found the Elephant Seals(different link). It was seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my entire life. And I think I'm fairly well traveled for 25, I have been to most major cities in America, I have traveled to two different continents other than my own. But this was amazing. So many Elephant Seals just sitting on the beach chilling. Sleeping, cuddling, and occasionally talking, really what else do you need in life? Food, no apparently they don't eat when they are sun bathing, I don't know I only had a chance to scan one information board real quick before I had to make sure my kids didn't run into the parking lot. The only thing that tore us away was the fact that my husband and my bladders were threatening to burst (seriously you think this post has too much personal info?)
Anyway my kids loved it. My daughter kept pointing and laughing, smiling, nodding yes, and barking like a yippy dog. Seriously if that isn't how a 15 month old who doesn't say more than "ma" expresses joy please tell me? My son was shaking, I asked him if he was cold, he said no. Turns out he was visibly shaking because it was just so dang exciting to watch those huge elephant seals 20 feet away. Yes, my 4 year old told me he was shaking because he was so excited to see them. Seeing these elephant seals just yards away, for free, made me wonder why the heck we spent $75 to go to the aquarium. I don't really regret the aquarium, its just dark concave glass doesn't mix well with a headache and dizziness.
I honestly want to move to Morro Bay, for so many reasons, one of which being, me and the kids could go check out the Elephant Seals, weekly, from December to March, to see the bulls fighting (it will be loud), at 5000 lbs. and are 15 ft. in length, to all the seals talking, to the females giving birth, to the new babies.
Because come on, shouldn't my children have the joys of shaking out of joy, and barking like a yippy dog at huge 2,000 lbs elephant seals? Multiple times a year? I think so.

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  1. What a super fun vacation! I am very envious!

    Here's the bad news:

    Now that you've driven the Cali central coast, everything in life from here on out will be a disappointment!