Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fast Sunday

I wanted to post about church, but my kids do not give me much time to type on the computer. I have plenty of computer times, just not typing time.
Sunday was Fast Sunday, I really like fasting, in that same way that you can say I like tithing. Yeah, seriously would who say they like going without eating and paying extra money (fast offering)? Really? But logic and religion do not always hold hands. Religion defy logic, and logic is just left being annoying. I find logic annoying, maybe that's the reason I don't like stats. Which maybe why I'm not too concerned with fasting 24 hours. I didn't serve a mission so I've never found the need to look up such rules. My two meal fast is plenty for my religious devotion, heck I'm fine with a one meal fast, half the time.
Friday night I slept horribly, my dear husband let me sleep in on Saturday, and I only recovered after taking advil. Sunday, was to be only my second time fasting in a very long time. I made deliberate thoughts to making a healthy dinner so I would be physical able to fast, normally Saturday evenings I don't cook and just whine to my husband. I was excited to fast, since my first fast last month went off without a hitch. After the baby was in bed, the boy and I made cookies, I made deliberate thoughts to not eating the cookie dough, licking the beaters, nothing. I was fasting before I woke up, I was proud of myself. I like to think of it as not a worldly proud, more a well pleased, like "look Heavenly Father I'm trying. I think life is hard, but I'm trying, I do care." When I was going to bed I asked my husband if I could take Advil in the morning if I didn't feel well, being fast sunday and all. He said if you need to take some medicine you shouldn't be fasting. Well phewy!
I slept horribly, but not as horribly as the night before, accidentally slept in until 8:15 for 9 o'clock church, I'm a primary teacher and primary starts at 9, so I can't be late.
Almost surprisingly, I felt better at church, than I normally do. Primary is stressful. I had energy at church, to care for my kids during 3rd hour sacrament meeting. No headache in sight, the headache I had had for two days, was gone, the headache that would remain for another two days was gone. But it wasn't surprising, I want to fast, and in this case the Lord blessed me.
It was fast sunday which means, fast meeting. Hit or miss, we in the church in the US mostly get travel logs, and illness reports, or stand up comedy. Yes, that is my opinion, I think jokes told at the pulpit in church are in bad form. But our meeting was really good, there were a lot of testimonies that actually testified of Christ.
One I really liked, a guy got up, and talked about Lent, weird I know. Long story short, he and his wife gave up sugar, not because he wants to be Catholic, but because he likes the idea of sacrifice in the idea of bettering. He said he has had a lot of conversation with people about this, and many say, I wish I was Catholic, it would be easier. He has thought this about this a lot, and thought would it really? Would it be easier to face unemployment without the blessings of tithing? Would it be easier to be sick, without a Priesthood blessing? Would it easier, I honestly can't remember any others, but he listed off about another 10 blessings we have as LDS members, that make our lives easier. His testimony really spoke to me. We have so many blessings, that make our burden's light. The Lord asks a lot of us, because he gives us so much.
Another one, brought home is new healthy baby from the hospital two weeks later she became violently ill, and started having seizures along with other things for no apparent reason. She was on life support, last month the ward was asked to fast for her. He said that during that Fast Sunday, the seizures stopped, she started gaining weight. She is now home, healthy again, but he said, he knows if it wasn't for all the fasts, she would still be in the hospital sick.
Another woman got up, and well said a lot, but the point is, its nice to know other people have struggles that bring them closer to God. She and I actually talked about testimony meeting, at Relief Society last night, and it was nice to know someone else has had a very long winter. Its nice to be a mother next to father that holds the Priesthood.
This is plenty long, so I'm ending it without anything special.

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