Friday, March 12, 2010

A picture

Just kidding, I'm adding more
My daughter loves to suck her right thumb. Her dolly MUST have her paci in her mouth. I'm brought dolly repeatedly through out the day followed by the pacifier thrown in my face. I'm the official dolly plugged. Yes, we are original in our home, the dolls name is dolly. My daughter also likes to try strip dolly down to just diapers and shoes. Why should someone be bother with clothes, especially someone who does not feel coldness.
My daughter does not talk, which does not bother me in the slightest, I was a late talker, as was my son, as seems to be my daughter. She is 15 months old today. She cries "ma ma" but I don't think she has any idea that it sounds like my title. She has nodded no for three months, so her brother decided it was high time for her to learn how to nod yes, he taught her last week.
She learned how to sign "more" two days ago, and started waving bye for the first time to her dad yesterday. Like I said we are slower talkers, and I'm ok with that, who wants a walking talking under 1 year old. She also knows how to give kisses that sound like kisses. Yes, we might be slower talkers, but I teach my kids how to smack their kisses early on, my son was about the same age. She loves to play outside, and can ride bikes. She likes to pull her dress over her head and show off her panties (ie diaper cover). She loves shoes, and to wear necklaces.

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