Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Bunny

My kids are getting way TOO much for Easter how about yours? I'm being over run with toys, yet they are getting enough for three Easters, what can I say I like toys, I like to shop, I like to fulfill their hearts desires. But that is not the topic of the post.
The Easter Bunny, it seems a little weird to me, I mean come on, look at these guys. I can handle a healthy dose of Santa Claus fun. We track him on the internet, we listen for the bells, we find stockings and toys in the morning, I ask my children what Santa brought them. But I don't think I can ask my son what the Easter Bunny brought him. I can encourage a large overweight elderly man breaking and entering my house, but not an overly large mutant bunny. I could almost handle a small little bunny coming through a rat hole in my house, but, yet we need commercialization so all I can think of is the large mutant bunny.
My son has talked none stop for a month about the Easter Bunny, but I can't encourage it, he can talk about it all he wants, but you won't find me asking what the Easter bunny brought him. I really have no problem with the commercialization of Easter. I have no problem with toys taking over my religious holidays, I have no problem with Conference Sunday/Easter Sunday being about candy and toys. We do have religious discussions on our holidays, but lets face it my kids don't have an attention span for a whole day of religious lessons. I don't ind commercialization I find it fun, but the Easter bunny might be a little too far for me. Its more unbelievable than the Fat man himself (Santa). Santa can bring about historical fiction novels, and ideas of sharing with other with poor kids, but what does the Easter bunny bring other than nightmares of mutant bunnies?! Santa is almost believable, bunnies acting like humans not believable, maybe if it was a chimp. (I know I'm ridiculous.) Although I do like this story, The Country Bunny and the Golden Shoes, ("It is difficult to believe that this very modern feminist tale was originally written in 1939. A gem of a fantasy in which kindness and cleverness win out over size and brawn." -- Review). None the less, I don't know if the Easter Bunny will be mentioned much in my house. I couldn't care less that the origins of the commercialization go back to a festival of fertility. What it really comes down to is that when was the last time you heard about the true spirit of Easter? Never.

I know I'm crazy, and I should have edited this opinion page down to about 200 words.

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  1. Side note: the Easter bunny in malls creeps me out.