Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Perfect Family

I'm pretty sure my family is perfect.
Sure one of them is never home for bedtime,
Another one of them always has dirty finger nails,
The littlest one lets out a low grade whine pretty much 12 hours a day,
While I yell to much, and struggle at being happy during winter months.
But yes, I'm pretty sure when you add us all together we are perfect.
I'm pretty sure my family is perfect, I'm pretty sure dinner time with all four feels complete.
But then again talk to me when the littlest one is not so little anymore, and almost three, and I have a first grader, then I'm sure we'll be missing someone around our dinner table. I'm sure four will not be enough. But for now, it feel good to feel complete. I'm glad we are perfect, I'm glad I share my 1200 square foot apartment with them. I'm glad they all love me enough to drive me batty and between the three of them never giving me alone time. Yes, I do love them all. My perfect two and two, no matter how you slice it. Two boys, two girls, two kids, two parents. We are even, we are square, we are perfect.

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