Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My sordid love affair with Ebay

It all started with me trying to find a few Christmas presents. I started shopping on ebay, and I was using my hard earned pinecone survey money. I was so proud of myself-- we were going to have a frugal christmas. But that was all months ago, and my self-control was lost about a month ago.
Last year around the 31st of December my mom sent the post partum me out to find a baby's first christmas ornament at the local shopko. As you can imagine there wasn't much left, but I left with a hideously large and ugly baby swaddled in pink polyester that said baby's 1st Christmas. But it was fitting since all she was wa a swaddled bundle of joy on her first Christmas, although luckily not hideous.
As I decorated the tree with my son this year I felt a ting of guilt, my second child had a baby's 1st christmas but not my first. Then I remembered good ol ebay. I found a brand new little dog, for less than it would have been back in 2006. I bought it, with free shipping.

Unfortunately then I found snowflakes, and started to wonder why I didn't have a snowflake that had 2004 engraved on it, for my husband and I since, that's when we got married. Once again I bought for less than it would have cost in 2004. It is a Lenox Snow Majesty Snowflake. We actually have a full box of snowflake ornaments but for whatever reason I needed a 2004 engraving.When that dog came, he was pretty cute looking, and my son was so excited. And that huge ugly baby kept haunting me, one day my daughter would say why is her baby's 1st Christmas ornament so much uglier than her brothers. I found a cute Hallmark one on ebay for 2008. But said no, it was too expensive. But then I kept checking back on ebay, trying to decided if I made the right choice. Why did my daughter need two ornaments? Well she is a December baby... no its too much. When one time I came back and it was on sale, plus free shipping. I quickly bought it, not to mention its half the price as it was retail last year. It came in the mail and it was so cute, I don't regret it. My daughter loves it.

I love my ornaments, but yet I do feel guilty when I think of the money I wasted on them. Which is why I call it my sordid love affair. I love christmas, always plan on buying less than I do.
Luckily I went to Stake Conference this past weekend, the visiting seventy, said he loves Christmas, and always ends up buying too many presents. (He said he loves everything about Christmas even carols and Santa Claus.) So now I don't feel so bad.

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