Monday, December 7, 2009

My favorite phrase

If you have been around me lately, or talked to me on the phone, you have probably heard me say, "I've realized there is nothing logical about having children, it is all emotional and instinctual." I know this for a fact, because we decided to have two children. My daughter is about to turn one. So now when I see new babies, I think oh, my baby use to be little. I want another another baby. But I quickly follow up that awwed new baby, voice, with reality, and say, I want another baby, but not now, not until my second child wears underpants like the first. Well not exactly like the first, I'll get her "panties" not boy briefs. I know it is all emotional, because most days, I want to run out of the house screaming because my children are being demanding, but yet get upset at my husband when he jokingly says, lets be done. Logically I should be done, but emotional I am not. Logically I could barely handle one, logically I never really liked kids before I met ones who shared my DNA code.
Right now, my daughter is crying in her crib, she hasn't slept through the night since Thanksgiving. But yet, when I eventually have to get her and I see her fuzzy face (no corrective lenses) in the dark I'll think oh isn't she sweet.
So when you see the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep, you'll know I gave up logic long ago when I decided to get married at 20. Every decision since then has emotional. Yes, some points of the day I want to run out of the house screaming, but other times, I hear a three and half year old voice in my head, saying this is the best family.
Logic doesn't always get us that far anyway. Logic would tell you a three year old really wouldn't want to eat Nachos everyday for a year, but yet logic is wrong. Logic would also tell you to stop eating Mint Oreos when your teeth start to hurt from the sugar but logic is wrong, I only buy Oreos every few years, so I should eat all I can now.

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