Friday, December 11, 2009

A busy girl

In case anyone is interested my daughter is a busy girl, she has lots to do each day. Any baby or stuff animal she see she must pick up and pat on the back, while she sucks her thumb. She walks around the house yelling indiscriminately, (I don't know if she is imitiating me or what). She has to open and shut every door in the house that is not perfectly latched. When it time to be in the kitchen, she busies herself by dumping out the entire two bottom drawers of plastic items. She then picks a few out and walks around putting small items in cups or bowls then emptying them. Her favorite is to find a spoon so she can "feed" herself from the cup or bowl. She also has her brother's purple chair to utilize, he can't sit in it without her yelling at him. She loves to just sit in it and bounce her legs, preferably holding a "baby". I'm often suprised at how long she can sit there. She is very particular about where things go in the house, and if I put things away during her nap she didn't want a way, she makes sure she puts them back where she thinks they belong. When she catches you watching her and she is proud of what she has done, she puts on the biggest cheesiest grin, and squints her eyes almost shut. She has a busy day of taking care of babies, cleaning, cooking, and yelling. Apparently she can't way to be a mom.

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