Friday, December 11, 2009

Feeling Awful

I've been filled with guilt for the past few hours, maybe confessing to the blogospere will help me feel better. We took cookies to my son's best friend next door, a little three year old girl. A few minutes later I heard a little knock, indicating her presence. I expect a letter, they exchange letters all the time. Instead she want my son to play next door with her. He was a little hesitant, because he was on the computer, but he was not about to stay home to play the computer. He wanted to go crunch the snow, but I herded them into her house instead, they didn't have snow gear on. A few minutes later I heard screaming and crying. I thought oh no, apparently my son really did not want to play, and it made the girl next door cry. My son wasn't too happy either.
So for hours I've been filled with guilt that he didn't want to play and I forced him into her house, and that because of that, she cried. I think she would have cried whether or not I pushed him into her house, when she figured out he didn't want to play. He promptly went to take a nap upon coming home and has been asleep for the last two and half hours.
But boy did I feel guilty when she started crying.
I apologized at the time to the mom, but was slightly shell shocked. So next time I see her, I plan on apologizing profusely. Nothing like something I have absolutely no control over to make me incredibly guilty.
By the way they play at each others houses all the time.

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