Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have a thing for christmas tree decorations. I have spent more money on little christmas trees when it comes to christmas decorations than anything else other than ornaments. The only thing I have more of is, nativities, but I don't think we have bought a single nativity since we have been married. They are all either hand me downs from my mom, gifts, or nativities from Chile my husband bought for his mother, which she since gave back to us.
Here is the tree run down
top left: a hallmark ornament holder, I am afraid my mini ornaments will be thrown out with the christmas tree at the end of the season so this number made a come back
top middle: my feather tree to give me a flash back of my wedding reception at my parents house
top right: cone trees I bought at the dollar store,
bottom left: aspen? bark tree thing, with fake snow glitter, I'm digging it, its new this year, but terrible quality I don't know how many years it will last
bottom middle left: new nativity this year, a christmas tree and nativity all in one, how awesoem
bottom middle right: the tinsel tree pillow my mom had me make and design for her last year, so far success, my son has not pulled out the pipe cleaners
bottom right: the tree my mom gave me this year, its paper mache, I didn't know that, so I stared at it quite a while wondering what medium it was made out of.
I like gaudy little christmas tree decorations.
Here is a close up of the tree nativity.

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