Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Four Years

In case anyone cares today is my anniversary. Its been four years. I was going to make a post with the picture of my wedding rings, and mention how I've recently become enamored with my diamond all over again. (I stopped wearing it for a few months because pregnancy mixed with summer gave me excema.) But I was too lazy to find the CD of pictures. Instead here are these, and our track record.In less than four years we got two bachelor degrees.
We have had two kids.
We have increased our family salary by 35% since my husband's first job offer.
We have moved more times than I can count.
Hopefully the next year will lead us to home ownership.

(In other stats, we have never had any romantic get aways for our anniversary. Last year was the only year I wasn't either, pregnant, sick or nursing a baby.)


  1. congratulations! Such a cute couple!

  2. cute pictures and great stats!

    thanks again for being so accommodating and sharing your husband with us to take us to and from the airport!

    Y'all are awesome!