Thursday, December 4, 2008


You might have thought I was counting down to the baby born, but no I'm counting down to CHRISTMAS!
I made an advent calendar for this year. I plead insanity for the moment I designed it.
I sewed 24 little stockings, to help my child count down. They are about three inches high, needless to say it took a near eternity, I didn't think I would finish them in time, for the beginning of December.
The garland that the stockings hang on took FOREVER to make, literally. I spent more than 4 hours on the garland. I couldn't decided how to do the numbers, I didn't really want to use a fabric pen, but I definitely didn't want to embroidery the numbers, I ended up doing the tags. I think the tags are cute, and it was a very non committal way of doing it, next year I can always cut them off and chose to do them a different way.
I used left over halloween candy in the stockings. I thought it was ingenious of me to use Halloween candy, after I came up with it, I found multiple blogs suggesting it.
I love the stockings!!! I wish I would have taken a picture of them before I put the candy in, because the candy makes them a little droopy. I put the candy in on Sunday night after my kid was in bed, he didn't notice until around 4:30 pm on Monday. We played in the living room all morning, and he never noticed. He was very excited when he saw the candy, but then very sad when I told him we only got one a day, and we needed to wait until daddy got home from work. He was so happy when he finally got his piece of candy.


  1. Those stockings look great!! You do such a wonderful job.

  2. We talked about doing a chain or something to count down to Christmas, we would take one link off every day, but if the kids did something bad we would put another one on, and we wouldn't be able to have Christmas until we could get rid of the whole chain. Don't worry we aren't actually mean enough to do this.

    I like your stockings, it was worth all the time you put into them.

  3. That is a very clever and cute garland thingie!