Friday, December 19, 2008

One week

Today is my daughter's one week birthday. Have I mentioned... she has blonde hair and way less than I thought any of my children would have since, my baby pictures, my husband's baby pictures, and my son had lots of hair. She has navy eyes, like my son did, so I guess she will have brown eyes like her brother and dad. She has my husband's ears, while my son has mine. She has my mouth, and sad face looks, angry looks, and crying looks, just like my son. My son has his dad's feet, but she seems to have mine. Alive for one week.
My skinny baby in fat baby clothes.
I love this picture, I bribed my son to stay there for a picture with a cookie. But he was sucking his thumb next to her, before I pulled out the camera.
Also apparently she is growing up, yesterday she decided she didn't want her arms bundled (swaddled). Every time I do she whines until she can pull them out.

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  1. I try wearing big clothes so I look skinny too, but it doesn't work for me.