Thursday, December 4, 2008


The last thing my child needs is more toys, but yet I find myself on the quest to find perfect toys. While he needs no more toys, he has sort of outgrown all his toys, if he could talk better he would say, I'm not a toddler anymore mom, I'm a preschooler, toddler toys bore me. Here is what I've found:
1. I have no problem looking at the toys at DI in hopes to find vintage Fisher-Price stuff. Although I hate looking at all the broken crap, and pretending its exciting when my son shows me.
2. I am often looking on Ebay for toys that companies like Fisher Price hasn't made since my older siblings were kids, that I played with as a child.
I have one request for toys, that they are something my child can play with, not something that tries to play with him. I am not concerned about the intellectual value of the toy, random play with simple toys is the most intellectual enriching for a child. (I didn't take any stock in baby Einstein before I had kids, I definitely didn't when I had a baby.)
I don't even care if they make noise, but very few noise making toys these days fit the bill. Although 30 year old toys that make noise are almost soothing to me, hypnotic sounding, since it is actual sound thingies and not a computer speaker like modern toys. Speaking of "modern toys" a lot of toys that parenting magazines, and blogs try to spawn off, are actually crap, they are toys adult think are cool, not toys children actually want to play with.
I write all this like I have some sort of toy emergency coming up with christmas, so not true. I've had my son's main present since about February, the last thing I need is more presents for my son. I already have his birthday presents (happening in this coming February).

Post Script, I'm scared of robotic toys, they seem to be all the rage based on the Toys R Us ads, something large that moves on its own, should not be in my house.


  1. Fisher Price makes a noise-free garage that V and Z love. It has an elevator and a circular ramp. What's more fun than a circular ramp? What does J like to play with? We've got cars and trucks galore at our house.