Friday, December 5, 2008

Can I make a christmas list?

It is not a very big christmas list,
(although I do for the most part agree with Shannon, I'm still making a list)
1. I can't remember what I wanted the most, I've been trying to remember it for days. I guess it wasn't a very good number 1.
2. A new blow dryer, the handle on mine is broken so it falls forward, and the handle is eternally sticky, how it got sticky I don't know
3. New scrapbooking markers, I don't really scrapbook anymore but, I do use the markers, and I haven't gotten new ones since I was dating my husband, I want medium tip ones, like this. (By the way people, I told my sister and my husband I wanted some so if someone takes me up on the idea, they should email the other saying its done.)
4. Flannel Christmas PJs, button upshirt and matching bottoms. I don't know why I want them, I've never had them before, I think I'm going to buy some this weekend if I don't go into labor, that way I can wear them all month long.
BUT yet I'm getting a wheat grinder, sure a wheat grinder is important but its not very fun.
Oh and if we were really talking about wishes, I would want a blu-ray player for our computer.
So my sad complaint isn't very true, I will be receiving gifts from siblings. Plus my husband said he needed to take our boy out for shopping for mom. And I can't complain because I am the one that told my mom money for a wheat grinder, but a wheat grinder is so blah.


  1. Victoria Secret has the BEST patterns for flannel pajamas and the bottoms are actually long enough for girls like us! I highly recommend you check them out. I'm sure they are outside your price range because they are outside mine, but I have a $10 off coupon, if you'd like!

  2. wheat grinders is the gift that keeps on giving! I hope santa finds you a good one! Just be extra excited about it and it will be the best present ever! It is all in the attitude!

  3. A new hair dryer is on my list too. Not exciting, but totally useful (mine overheats super fast so I have to wait for it to turn back on). And just so you know, I think it is ALWAYS a good idea to make a wish list! Hope everything is going good with the pregnancy!!!