Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Doesn't mean

As I've stated I fasted and prayed about this move I really felt like it was the right choice for my family.
So its been quite shocking to how hard its all been. On Sunday in church my little boys were being quite disruptive. I was so frustrated that they were being so combatant with me. And eventhough they weren't cooperating I was on, I was helping them fold their arms, whispering scripture stories. Holding them, ignoring them, I tried all sides of the spectrum and nothing was working. I was staying calm but still nothing was working. Then the spirit said, "Well done my good and faithful servant you are choosing the right but that doesn't mean its going to be easy."
It aplied to both childcare and choosing where to live.

Oh heaven help me in my childcare duties.  If I l leave the room without Turbo her cries and every time I turn around Ike has broken more glass. He isn't doing it to be naughty each time is an accident. He's just so busy. Plus my daughter is so needy it's like having triplets instead of my Irish twins. (They aren't actually Irish twins. But they look enough alike and are enough of a handful that in public older ladies often ask me about my Irish twins.)

I felt like moving was the obedient thing so I thought it would be easy. I'm not sure if any of this has been easy. Our house was on the market 3 weeks longer than anyone thought. Now this real estate market is so hot its hard to find anything. We made an offer on a house we won't find out for a week. They also had a cash offer. Hopefully that falls through and they pick us. I've been praying fervently. Sunday morning all of sudden my prayer changed. I didn't ask to get the house I prayed to get the right house. I'm suppose to go look at more listings incase they don't pick ours. I just don't care! My kids are fine while I'm gone but fall to pieces when I get home and are so awful for me the next day. Every time I feel like complaining and ask the Lord to throw me a bone he gives me time to listen to conference. Not really the bone I'm looking for I guess I should be grateful.

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