Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Don't you wish I had something awesome to post?  Me too, I've been too busy and tired to think.  Seriously, I had so many kitchen mishaps today.  Phew!
Anyway, right now I'm thinking and scheming, wondering if I have time/ energy to make a dent in our family records.  When I was pregnant the second time I made a short baby book for #1, I need to do that for child #2.  She loves book #1, and tries to retell it.  Problem: Baby book #1, has hospital bracelets, baby hat, baby socks all together in the book. Heck if I know where any of that is for baby #2. Baby #3 heaven help me!  I use to think later children had less pictures in most families because it was 'been there done that', now I realize parents just don't have time to take as many pictures with subsequent children.
I also have boxes and boxes of my children's school assignments.  I need to organize them into a binder with school pictures for them.  Personally I do not want boxes and boxes, and will get rid of loose papers, and most papers once I make a binder.  The current problem is I have a horder in my house, and looks at me like I've betrayed all that is honest and good in the world, when I throw away old homework. Once he has a binder of treasures, he will just have to get over his betrayal.  Is it bad that I already pray he will grow up and one day meet a nice girl who loves to throw everything out?

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