Monday, March 19, 2012


Can I tell you something.... this baby is trashing me good already.  My brother told me yesterday get use to it, it never changes.  I know I was tired during all the other pregnancies, but I had less to do, so I just slept more, didn't need to crash every few days.  I'm so exhausted.  Not to mention, I don't know if its exhaustion, dehydration at 7,000 ft, or something else, but every so often, I get these killer headaches that last for days.
I hope it dehydration, which my guess it is, if you pay attention its pretty easy to tell if you are dehydrated. The problem is being pregnant and at this altitude it seems to take me days to get back hydrated.  I try to keep up a steady water intake, but apparently some days I just forget.  Sure I'm still drinking more water than most of you, but for some reason my body thinks it needs about three quarts a day when I'm pregnant.

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