Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In the beginning of the year I didn't post my new years goals on my blog, but I did set them.  I wanted success this year, so I didn't post them.
I guess now that is it is March it is time to reevaluate?  Not really.
I didn't want to set myself up for failure this year, I wanted to make my life easier and happier, not more complicated.  I guess you could interpret this as lazy, but I don't see it this way. A few weeks ago I saw this picture/quote online, and thought this is exactly what I'm going for with my goals this year.
Here are my goals with maturity for my family, in hopes of finding a simple, joyful life.
  • Cook dinner for my family more nights a week than I don't-- usually at least 5 (the week I set this, we had just come home from christmas vacation at my mom's and my children literally ate cold cereal for dinner every night)
  • Clean my house on a regular basis-- how can my house be a temple if it is not clean?
  • Look for ways to LITTLE ways to serve others
  • Study the Ensign
  • Read the Friend with my kids
  • Get to know my neighbors
Then Lord wanted me to step up my game, or maybe he didn't want me to fail, so our family was assigned to be a ward mission family for the next 6 months. I want to feel like I tried my best with the assignment no matter what the outcome, come June. As I've mentioned before Brent and I try to live no regrets, not looking back wishing for what I can no longer change.
I feel like my goals are plenty lofty.  I feel like if I accomplish all this all year, then I will have lived a good faithful year.  Plus, what it is really all about is simplifying my life, how can I enjoy my children and spend time with them, if I'm obsessed with so many things that don't matter.  Especially if they don't matter to kids.  Normally I have at least twice as many goals, but I wanted to set myself up for success this year.  I really feel like this year, who cares, move at a pace that is good for you and family. I've also realized if I focus on those six things then I spend less money, I spend less time focused on the world, and more time focused on my family and home.  

The other thing I have been working on that isn't my goal for 2012, because it has been my goal since Brent moved in with us, it is that I'm trying to have a home that is inviting to others, and open to friends and neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues.  

Now it is March and I have had some level of success with my goals, I hope I have been a small blessing in my friends' lives from time to time, when trying to help them.  I really have actually lacked with studying the gospel, but I am trying. 
But like I said, I'm stepping up my game.
(Side Note: One thing about little ways to serve, that mostly includes sharing child care with friends, help building a support system among friends, but also isn't it the friendly smile, or being polite to a store clerk. I feel like it is.)
It is spring and although it will probably snow a good twenty times from here until the end of June, it is warmer some days, so I want to get and be active with my kids-- goal seven.
Plus I have started indexing again-- goal eight.  I haven't indexed in 4 years, what?! Four years, I couldn't believe it has been so long, when I started again, it turned me to shame.  I actually feel like I've been nudged for months by the spirit to index, but I kept coming up with excuses.  When finally one day I said to myself, Lesli do you want the blessings you are praying for or not?  Then the answer was clear, get on the computer and index. K, lets be honest, I was probably already on the computer.  I don't index everyday, but I'm trying to index every day I have spare time, which is not always.  The spirit is helping, it tells me INDEX when I'm wasting time online, so I do a batch or two.  
Last sunday Brent taught a lesson on Family History, he shared a story of mine that happened from indexing four years ago.  Later that day when discussing his lesson, I said, really how many blessings does the Lord have waiting for us, if we just change a minor thing? This was more a knock to myself than anyone else.

Moral of the story: Simplify. Move at a pace that is comfortable. Who cares what marathon Sally Super Next Door Neighbor is running, life is not a competition, it is not a zero sum game.  You can't love those who you judge, and that includes yourself. 

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  1. I loved what Elder Uchtdorf said in his RS talk: don't compare your weaknesses to someone else's strengths.