Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My secret

Normally I don't announce this type of thing on my blog, and normally I wait another four weeks, for my blog. Last time I just casually mentioned it, but I'm just giddy this time. (This baby makes me cheesy and giddy.)  So now you know I'm pregnant, I'm 17 weeks, and I'm so giddy to find out what I'm having in three weeks.  Until my husband told me we might have to postpone it.  I said WHAT?! Anyway, different story for a different medium.
I had no doubt in my mind what gender my previous children were.  The only reason I was excited to get the ultrasounds with my first two kids was to prove to everyone was right, I was sick of those demeaning looks of oh yes, you think you know what you are having but everyone is wrong.
But this time, I have no idea at all what this baby is going to be. I honestly have no idea.  Brent's family seems to have a boy first, then a slew of girls so most likely I would guess its a girl, at the same time I wouldn't be shocked at all if it was a boy. Not to mention my belly is shaped like it was with my daughter, I know that is a wives tale, but none the less, it wasn't shaped the same with #1-- a boy.
The other day I started to reorganizing baby clothes, (they are a mess from the move) and I saw all the sweet boy clothes and I said to Brent, if we don't have anymore boys, then I'm going to just give all these clothes away without ever looking at them again.  He looked confused why that even needed an announcement.  Oh whenever I see J's old clothes, I want another boy so bad.   Plus my mom bought what I considered the cutest 3 month white shirt for a baby boy for my oldest's blessing.  Then we blessed him when he was three days old and 7 lbs, a little small for 3 mon shirt.  I want a baby boy blessed in that shirt. Other than that I'm pretty sure I don't care at all what we have ever again.
Except for the fact that we have agreed on my most favorite girl name ever, and so I really want to use it. So I do want a girl, but mostly for my daughter's sake.  Brent has enix-nayed (how do you spell pig latin, what is even the orgin of that word?) all favorite boy names, so I have no hopes and dreams in that area.
But the point of this post:
Isn't this not the sweetest looking baby blessing luncheon, ever?  Other then if I have a future son, he wouldn't be wearing a tie for his blessing. Oh after looking at all those boy clothes and seeing the unused blessing shirt, and seeing that luncheon..... just oh! *sigh*

I know most people feel this way about dresses and hair clips, but come on think of the drama in my house if this one is a girl.  Whoa girls are a lot.