Thursday, March 15, 2012

Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes, I'm 18 weeks, where did the time go?
Just for fun, see if any of you out there will comment, see how many people actually will comment.
What would you name my baby if I let you.  Leave a comment and we'll see if I have more than 5 friends.


  1. I'll be your friend. If it's a girl you should name her Heather, if it's a boy Reginald, but you should call him Reggie.

  2. Congratulations! !!
    I'm so excited for y'all.
    No idea on names.

  3. Conifer Strawberry. My kids really want a cousin named Conifer Strawberry.

  4. So excited for you love. I really like the name Jude for a boy and Dallas for a girl! Can't wait to hear what you are having!

  5. That is great news! Fill up that new house with a whole lot of kids! :) I want a little Malorie or a Milo.