Monday, February 8, 2016

Mondays Suck

I've decided Mondays suck, and I don't think its because its the start of the week. I think its because I'm exhausted.

I really quite enjoy going to church. When we have a sick we practically draw straws to see who HAS to stay home with the sick kid.

I like church. I go to church, and I think ok, I can handle another week. I can do this for 7 more days. The Lord loves me, I'm a child of God. I have value and worth, and the Lord is pleased with my effort even if I fall short everyday. Hooray I can do this!

Then Monday happens, Satan hates me hearing that stuff. I swear everything goes wrong Monday mornings, I come home from church with such optimism and hope, and by Monday at naptime, I feel like I've been through hell. All day the world seems to tell me I'm not good enough, I'll never measure up, and overall you suck. I'm now finally getting smart enough to realize those two messages are complete opposites, and that message is not coming from the Lord, and so all I can figure is that Satan doesn't want me to remember what I was taught on Sunday.

Can I go back to Sunday please? My calendar is overbooked for this week maybe month and I'm overwhelmed.

P.S. Today is class picture day. I forgot, I drove to the school to turn in the money. Yeah, my daughter went to school today without her hair combed. She bonked her head last night and ended up with a nasty goose egg, this morning she said she didn't want to comb her hair because it would hurt. I thought whatever. She cries on good days when she combs her hair, who cares. And now for all time, we can remember 1st grade class picture day was the day after the Broncos won the Super Bowl and she got a goose egg at a party. Ah, memories.

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