Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Decluttering and Tidying up

We've been getting rid of lots of stuff. Some of which nostalgic stuff.
Which gets me thinking about my wedding.
I wore my wedding dress four times, one of which was for bridal pictures. The photographer did not take any full length photos for me in my dress for some reason. Maybe her studio wasn't big enough? I don't know.
The last time I wore it was after we got married to take pictures in front of the temple, then some how it got left in a basement closet in my grandma's house. My mom probably left it there?
As a newlywed I lived in a mother-in-law not apartment basement of an old lady's house, where was I going to keep my wedding dress? I just sort of never picked it up.
Then a few months later my cousin was engaged and planning a wedding. I think my grandma mentioned my dress was in the basement, and so my aunt said to my cousin, just try it on.
Eventually they decided to borrow my dress. Which was fine with me.
A little over a year later, my aunt informed me they had it cleaned (which I had not) and returned it.
I can't remember if they returned it to grandma's closet or I took it back to my married college apartment, by this point we were in a real apartment, but I also had a baby.
Three years after I got married, we finished our degrees and we were living in an apartment closer to my grandma then when we were in college. By this point I did have the dress.
I decided I didn't want to save the dress, it took up a lot of space, and what was I going to do with it, any future daughter wouldn't actually want to wear it when she got married.
So I sold it. I feel so industrious that at least three girls wore it for the weddings.

A few years later, I realized I never had a full length picture of the dress, and I couldn't remember really what it looked like. Then recently I was looking a wedding pictures, and I realized I did have full length pictures of me in my dress. Sort of, not formal photos but still!

 This one is actually one of my favorite candid photos, it reminds me of everyone that goes into supporting you in life. Looking back I'm grateful my aunts were at my wedding and there to help out with things. I have teenage nieces and nephews and I wonder am I involved enough in their lives that they want me at their wedding? What more should I be doing?
I actually can't remember ever seeing this picture. 
Its a fun one, poor light quality but fun. I'm glad I found it. 

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