Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mom won

A month ago I decided I was going to buy my 10 year old new church pants. He was flooding in his current ones. He was not happy to be shopping and he didn't think he needed new ones.
Last Sunday I was in his room after he got dressed while I was dressing the 3 year old. He said, I like these new pants so much better. The old ones were pretty tight, I would go to the bathroom before I got dressed and hope I didn't have to go during church so I didn't have to rebutton them.
It took everything I had not to say, booyah, who was right?! Instead I said oh I'm glad they fit better, that's why I wanted to buy you new ones.
He likes getting new things, but is extremely distrustful when I want to replace an item. Why would we ever replace what we know and have. Plus he hates clothes shopping. But overall he hates replacing and change.

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