Monday, April 27, 2015

Two Things

  1. Something reminded me of something I learned a few months ago. Without the experiences I had last year, I would never have known how strong I could be. I would rather have not know. Surviving postpartum depression, beyond strong. Surviving the hardest 10 days in my life-- Turbo on a nebulizer  in and out of the doctor every other day. They knew me by name. *insert crying* Slipped disk problems at the exact same time, had pain every single minute of every day. Could not sleep the pain was so intense. Let's not forget my nursing infant, and my husband being in a third world country off the grid. Yeah, I survived that, I'm not sure would again.
  2. Brent and I were talking yesterday about something unrelated to marriage and I made an analogy to marriage. Made us both remember that we are blessed to both have parents that are rooting for our marriage. Not everyone has that. So grateful our parents aren't undermining us as a couple.

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