Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spain to be continued...

We finally heard back from HR about Spain, we have to wait a year and resubmit. The company is merging this year, and is too busy with that. Brent, the co-worker, his wife, the boss and the boss's boss still are on board so our fingers are crossed for another year. Good news we have more time to get our life in order and downsize all our possessions before they go in storage.
In addition to downsizing everything, panicking every other week at the thought of living in a foreign country with four small children, I should study up on the Spanish Royal Family.  
American tabloid headlines in the grocery stores never tell me anything about the Spanish Royal Family. What's more important studying the language I don't speak or learning pop culture?
Being wait listed another year is a good thing, that means if we go next summer it will be J's last year of elementary school (which I would prefer), and Turbo would be 4 which means I wouldn't put him in preschool at 3. I don't want him in preschool at three, but if we go to Spain he'll be in preschool. 

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