Thursday, April 2, 2015

He Noticed ♥

I clean my main living space three times a day, after breakfast once the big kids are at school, during nap time, and then my children clean it after dinner before bedtime. Yesterday we went to the park for lunch and I didn't clean it during naptime because naptime came late and I didn't feel that great yesterday. 
As I was getting dinner ready my husband said I'm not complaining but why does the house feel so messy?
I started laughing, you noticed? I didn't clean it during naptime. 
I was so touch, he noticed.
 Seriously, I wonder why I clean it during naptime because its so messy by the time dinnertime rolls around. I was so touch he notice my lack of work.
(This all sound sarcastic, but I totally mean it. It is worth it to straighten up during naptime.)
I spy a baby foot.

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