Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grammy and Grandpa came

My parents came to visit for two days. It was a quick stop over but we were still glad to have them.
We started off with the big kids in school and my mom and I taking the babies to the library to feed the ducks. Who doesn't love to feed the ducks. (I live in a beautiful place.)
We were suppose to take Turbo to see an airplane. While they were in school, but our morning ran a little short. Nat has half day school and we took J out at noon.

So we ended up taking everyone. 
 This my 20 minute trip to an airplane turned into a nightmare. Oh course my oldest wanted to see the chapel.
And during this whole process everyone had to use the bathrooms at different times when the closest bathroom was 10 minutes away DRIVING. So my quick trip turned into 2 and half hours!
 But life went on, I had a melt down about pumpkins and then life really kept moving.

 With 7 children and 20+ grandkids there is no way my parents can make it to all the big events. Which is completely fine, but small kids don't always understand. So we went to the YMCA trunk or treat so my kids could go trick or treating with grammy and grandpa.
Turbo who can't remember last Halloween so he thought this was a great idea.
 Grandpa and the cute O the Owl.
 That's grammy in the demin jacket.
 They also helped us carve pumpkins.
 Turbo is holding a carving knife poking holes. We soon there after took it away.
We finished the trip off to a trip to Freddy's. I love that restaurant.
I was exhausted after they left, I can only imagine how they felt since they had to drive 13 hours.

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