Thursday, October 2, 2014

Medicated Part 1

Hands down the best thing I have found for my postpartum depression is aromatherapy.

Say what?

Six months ago I thought aromatherapy was snake oil. I know aromatherapy and doTerra is all the rage right now, but I didn't believe it.  I tried getting into aromatherapy about seven years ago and I found no success, unless my kids had a cough, then I would put eucalyptus out for them to breath, which totally helped. Unless it was respiratory I thought aromatherapy was a quack.

Six months ago I saw some of my brothers and while talking to one of them I mentioned my baby had colic.
My brother and my colicy newborn
 He asked do you use aromatherapy? I said no. He said well I don't know but Teresa swears by aromatherapy, she puts on Q. We dropped the conversation because he knew I didn't want to be convinced.

Then four months ago, my Mr. A got so very sick remember?
My mother wanted to send me some essential oils, I said I don't know mom, you know my opinion, and I have no time for extra treatments. She said you have nothing to loose, and its so easy, just pour some out, and leave it. I conceded, ok fine. First day I poured some into my clean candle wax warmer, with water. At first I hated the smell, so day 2 of the oil I didn't turn it on. We all got sicker than we were the day before, so day three I turned back on the melter with more oil and water, we all started getting better. I couldn't stand the smell so I turned it off the next day. We all got sicker again. Alright maybe this was working. Now I'm totally use to the smell, but historically we are a no smell house. I don't burn candles, melt wax (our candle wax warmer was a gift), our cleaners are scentless, we don't use perfumes or colognes. I'm not sure about my husband, but I know I'm allergic to VOCs, he might just not like smelly things.

I won't deny the essential oil worked, but once again this was a respiratory problem we were having.  I had read about doTerra but its so ghastly expensive I really wasn't interested before six months ago I would have said we are a very healthy family. Now.... I'm not sure, we have spent the last six months passing cold after cold between each other. 

Then I got depressed, so much so I decided for my and my children's well being I needed to tell some people and ask for help.
My mom suggested aromatherapy. I figured why not. What did I have to lose.
Turns out its by far the best thing out there for me.

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