Monday, October 6, 2014

Cross Country

My kids ran cross country this fall. It seemed like a good time/sport to get my 3rd grader involved it, and since it was before school it seemed like the best to get my daughter enrolled too. It was good for my 3rd grader he seemed to enjoy his time in practices and meets. His dad set a lofty goal of running a mile in 9 minutes for him.  He didn't succeed, but he worked really hard at achieving it. When he was disappointed he didn't achieve it, my husband told him I didn't expect you to, but next year you will. There were quite a few very fast boys in the mile. So this past Saturday he ran in a kids 800 meter race (unrelated to school's Landsharks cross country), we were so surprised when he finished near the front of the pack.
My kindergartner on the other hand... she didn't like to make herself tired when she ran, which means she came in third to last in almost every race. She liked the practices though, she made friends with another kindie girl. She didn't like the meets because she really just wanted to play on the playground. Sounds like a 5 year old. The coach that held up the back with her, told us tonight she did really good she didn't walk at all. Hooray for Nattie.
I fed them ice cream with candy tonight to reward all their hard work. They met at the school for practices at 7:45 am twice a week. I'll be excited to not have such early wake up calls. Sure that was the time my elementary school started, but my 3rd grader doesn't get home until 4 pm.

P.S. We are getting family pictures on Friday. I'm beyond nervous my children are unphotogenic. They will be doing the cutest things and then I get out my camera and next thing I know they are ____ (whatever you would call that). My kindie wasn't actually doing the cutest thing she was crying loud enough to draw a lot of attention to herself in a loud busy park. Overall I'm sure they are plenty photogenic they just have a poor grasp on English, I tell them to stop and they move real fast, I tell them to look at the camera and instead look away.

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