Friday, October 24, 2014


10 years ago I decided I would have children for three reasons. (The entire time I was a teenager I didn't want children.)
1. I wanted to be a grandma one day, the easiest way to that path is to become a mom
2. Brent-- the love of my life could l couldn't wait to have children.
3. I had a very personal/spiritual event in which I felt like the Lord was telling me to become a mom.

I didn't have children right away for one I wasn't married to my boyfriend yet. For two I wasn't far enough in school to be a mom and graduate. Because number 2 and 3, I became a mom sooner than most expected, as in 14 months after I got married.
When motherhood gets hard I remember I'm doing it to be a grandma. I'm pretty sure that's the most awesomest job. Like a mom but fun. Like a mom with no rules. Like a mom who doesn't care if the kids are spoiled. Like a mom but the novelty. Plus no one ever whines grandma grandma grandma all day like mom. (My grandma in law use to say "mama mama mama the devil wouldn't want to be called that." I now understand the third commandment given to Moses.) Then I remember everyone wants mom when they are sad not grandma so I enjoy what I got now.

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