Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I've always thought of my husband as the restless soul in the marriage, not me.  Then we lived somewhere for 3 and half years.  Holy moly, its weird. The longest we ever lived anywhere before this was 20 months. Turns out its not "restless and not restless", its restless and the girl that can keep up with him. The real kicker for me was when my Relief Society President said we need you in the presidency because you have been in the ward so long and can tell us things we don't know. I thought what? I'm an oldtimer just because I lived here for three years!

It reminds of when my grandma told me Brent and I should have wings because we are always going somewhere.

Even though we are both restless we aren't moving, Brent likes his job, he has a 12 minute commute, and our kids are a great school.

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