Thursday, September 18, 2014


I'm pretty sure the whole world is obsessed with newborns. The younger the better everyone says, the smaller the better. The ohs and ahs, the look how tiny they are, can I see them? And I'm silent.
Then Brent and I are over here counting the seconds until they're skin stops flaking off, until they stop being floppy and start holding the head up, stop looking like a swished newborn.
Everyone is oh and ah-ing, while Brent and I are over here in the background growling at the toddler that everyone has forgotten about hoping the toddler will laugh at us.
The best part of not being a newborn person is I married a not a newborn person.
It almost makes me feel guilty I'm not a newborn person until I hang out with my best friend.


  1. Plus newborns are ugly. It always takes a least a month for them to cuten up.