Friday, September 26, 2014

Like Rolls

A few years ago I was in an informal class about how to bake rolls. The teacher told us you need to place the rolls together "so they can grow up together". I thought this was humorous, but I doubt anyone else did, because there was no laughing. The idea that rolls grow up together, like people. I know what she was talking about, if the rolls aren't close they will just expand out instead of raise and get fluffy. But I still laugh about the rolls growing up together.
I am terrible at baking bread and normally only my husband bakes yeast things except at thanksgiving when I make homemade white crescent rolls. But I often tell my husband make sure the rolls are close together so they can grow up together. A few Sundays ago I said so they can grow up together just like children. He looked at me skeptically.  So I said children and rolls are the same they turn out better when they grow up together.
Maybe that is the reason I have 6 people in my house and only three bedrooms. I tell myself that when no matter what baby is my daughter's roommate she wakes them up after they go to bed. Its only a mild consolation prize. The only thing worse than her waking up a baby every night is the idea of showing a house with four young children. I can barely get the dishes done with a clingy two year old and a clingy 8 month old.

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