Sunday, August 4, 2013


My poor child.  For the last year and half of going to the dentist I ask them the progress of my oldest's teeth.  He is now 7 and half.  He has not lost any teeth, and finally his last friend who hadn't lost a tooth, finally lost one a few months ago.  I was worried he wasn't growing new teeth under his baby teeth, but upon inspecting the last set of x-rays from 6 months ago, I misunderstood what they told me the previous visit..  He is indeed growing adult teeth, just slowly, and based on x-rays and exams he is going to get his molars before he starts to loose baby teeth.  So yes, my child is going to be like 9 when he lose a tooth.
About a month ago it clicked in my head, my daughter who is three years younger than her brother is going to loose a tooth first.
The dentist confirmed my assumptions, here is why.  The average baby gets his or her first two at 6 months.  My oldest was 14 months, and so he is going to loose his baby teeth that much later than the average kid who loses his teeth at 5.  Not only that, my son has is apart of the minority that is going to have his molars erupt before loosing his baby teeth, putting him that much more behind the curve.
Well my daughter got her first baby tooth at 10 months, still behind the curve, but I think children who teeth at 6 months it is not unusual to loose teeth at 4.  I'm not positive on this though.  My second son also got teeth at 10 months, my mom said I can't believe he has so many teeth (6).  I said well he is 11 months, she said you guys (as in her babies) never got teeth that early.  Point being 10 months is not early.  So if I got my baby teeth after I was 10 months, and I lost my first tooth in May after turning 5 in September, that would imply that my daughter is going to loose her baby tooth before she is 5 and half.  Not an exact calculation but an estimation after years of having the dentist and hygienists explaining baby teeth falling out to me.
Then we went to the dentist last week.  They confirmed my suspicions. They showed me with the scaler that indeed her two bottom teeth will probably fall out in the next 6 months, they were starting to be wiggly.  (Once home I inspect and they did not seem wiggly to me, so we still have a few months.)  While my son on the other hand, his molars probably need a little more than 6 months to erupt, and there is no sign of wiggles, his teeth are not close.  At some point this month I have to break the news to him.  He is not going to be pleased, but the hygienists keep telling me this is actually good, his adult teeth are going to be so healthy because he'll be old enough to care for them correctly.  They are also not worried because he has plenty of space for his adult teeth to grow in.
Such is life.  He has plenty of skills that he could tell you he is above schedule, but he also knows not everyone is really good at everything.  So some people read Harry Potter 7 really young, and other people loose baby teeth on time.  Such is life, you can't be everything.  Sometime it stinks to be a late bloomer, even if it turns out to be a blessing in the long run.  I'm pretty sure the consolation prize of really knowing how to care for his teeth will not make him feel better.

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