Friday, August 16, 2013


Since I just told my blog I was pregnant.  I will say, I'm totally kicking myself for painting my daughter's room pink.  I knew I would, but I also knew she wanted a pink room.  Well it was already pink, we just wanted it less ghastly of pink.  Its really quite a lovely shade of pink.  Assuming her clothes and toys are picked up, she didn't wet the bed last night and there is a chair in there its a lovely room to read in.  That's a lot of stipulations I know, but if it was just a show room it would be lovely.
In case you didn't do that math, my next baby is coming in February (since I didn't have enough birthdays in February I figured why not add another one!) So at Christmas time I'm going to move my one year old in with his sister, we are putting the baby with the child who will be 8, two weeks after the new baby is born.  The 7/8 year old is a stellar child to share with babies, he sleeps through anything.  He can sleep through a baby crying himself to sleep.
Back to the point of the post, my one year old son is going to be in a pink bedroom.  How to make it a shared room instead of my son sleeping in a girls room?  I don't know, I just don't know.  It definitely changes some of the plans I had for my daughter's room.  Sadly, pinterest doesn't even have ideas for me.
I will say, I went back and forth with my daughter's room.  I wanted to paint it a unisex color in case we had to switch kid rooms ever, but then I just decided why not pink.  She's obsessed with pink.
Not that I'm repainting it, because my husband might have a hard attack if I suggested such things, but part of the reason I did pink is I figured its $30 and one conference weekend to change it, pretty easy.
The real reason I won't repaint, is a one year old isn't wise enough to care.  Plus the question is how permanent is their room sharing? Probably two years, but after that who knows?

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