Friday, July 26, 2013

How about you?

I'm tired and grumpy how about you?
Throughout the day yesterday I told my husband multiple times how tired I was. (The kids and I have been swimming about an hour, twice a day, all week.) Last night I said to my husband lets go to bed early.  He said ok, or we could watch a TV show.
What he really meant is, yes, I know you are tired, but lets spend sometime vegging out.  I know you can never say no to watching tv.
Ok, maybe he wasn't secretly saying that.  Maybe he doesn't realize that I never ever say no to watching tv.
So I'm tired and grumpy.
I blame it on him, but its probably my fault.

When we woke up, I mumbled something.  He said what, I mumbled it again.  He said what again, I yelled I don't care, I'm tired and its all your fault because we watched tv last night.  He ignored that.  Pretty much he might be a saint.

Once last thought the problem with kids that keep growing up, is how are you suppose to eat ice cream at 10:30 in the morning when you are grumpy.  I don't want my kids eating ice cream.

Maybe I should get dressed and brush my hair.  I probably would be in a better mood.  I'm a big believe in you feel how you look, if you took terrible, you'll feel terrible.  I don't think I'm a very frivolous clothing shopper, but I always go and buy clothes right after I have a baby.  If I can't dress normal, I will feel awful.  Sure nothing fits, but if you buy new stuff of the clearance racks you can find things that fit.

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