Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back To School

I would post pictures but google and I are at odds, and this is probably the end of our friendship.  I refuse to pay $5 a month to host my pictures on my blog.
Anyway, school was wonderful.
Dropped J off, no big deal, other than the massive amount of parents parking and doing the same thing.  Which is why we walked.  I don't live nine tenths of a mile away for nothing.  Problem is I have to push my four year on old on the front of the stroller with her baby brother, and I'm 16 weeks pregnant.  Which means I have done no exercise in at least 10 weeks.  1.8 miles pushing two kids in the sun in August was a lot, I was super exhausted when we got home.
My daughter is in afternoon Pre-K she had a hard time waiting all morning.  When it was finally time to take her, we drove.  I'm a lazy american what can I say.  I thought I might cry a little in the car ride over, but I held strong.  Then once we dropped her off (I was the second mom to leave, no need for long good byes). I was carrying Turbo the baby out with me.  I kept giving him kisses as we walked, then I thought I would cry because I was so overjoyed that he and I got our alone time together again.  We came home and took naps, (we had a very full and exhausting morning) and then woke up and made phones calls.  (I only have 5 and half months left of just he and me as the baby.)
Then it was time for pick up, N gets out 20 minutes before J, so we waited in the car while it rained.  N loved school so much she didn't want to go home.  She has two kids from last year in her class, our next door neighbor, and two boys from church.  I loved that she loved school.
J said school was fine, and upon questioning him, he told me lots, but overall the first day was slightly boring and uneventful for him.  I love his school though, I love that his special teachers remember him and his personality.  Pick up was great because all the teachers remember him and me.

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