Friday, August 16, 2013


It was time to wean my baby.  Considering I've been pregnant for 15 weeks, and the baby is a year old, it was time.  Last Sunday I mentioned to my husband, how sad I was to wean him. (The baby was mostly weaned as it was.)  I said by the time you get home (he was leaving on a business trip for 5 days) the baby could be done.  It makes me want to cry.  He said you could always wait until I get home if its going to to make you sad.  I said good point.  That was my plan.  Then on Monday, it seemed ridiculous to nurse him at bedtime and the same on Tuesday.  Then I realized I was done being sad.  I had mourned on Sunday, and that was enough. Once I make a decision, I make a decision, and that is that.  I stress until I make a decision, but the minute I make the decision, I'm done, never looking back. My baby loves cow milk, its actually quite bizarre to me, none of my babies have loved it like the current one does.

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