Monday, July 8, 2013


Don't you wished I posted vacation pictures?  I mean we went to Costa Rica.  We went to Thatcher, Arizona.  We went to Roswell, NM, we went to Carlsbad Caverns, all on our way to Dallas.  It would be so excited if I posted pictures.
It would have also been useful for posterity if I posted about the fire that was 5 miles away from my house, burning up my forest.  But yet, such is life.  We are fine, our house was fine, and thankfully all of our friends were fine.  Although I feel quite terrible for all those who weren't as lucky.  Thankfully we are now getting lots of rain, in fact today was the first day in awhile it didn't rain.  It threatened to ruin my mood, but I made it until evening to eat a bomb pop on my patio and count my blessings.  No, I don't do that every night, but it would be lovely if I did.
One last off topic note, I totally impressed my 7 year old the other day with my ability to touch type, I was looking up books for him or something, I was staring at what he was showing me, instead of looking at the keyboard, he apparently didn't know such thing was possible.  Silly, since I never look at the keyboard, I guess he never noticed that I'm watching the screen not the keyboard.  I said, this is why your daddy wants you to learn how to type correctly.  Years ago I was visiting my parents, and I impressed my father with my speed.  I didn't mean to, I was just typing to my husband and he was surprised at how fast my fingers went.  Now I think I type slow and sloppy compared to what I was able to do in middle school and high school in my technology classes, but such is life.  Maybe I'll practice against the computer when my son starts learning.  My speed nor accuracy were never close to my grandma's skills when she finished book keeping school after high school then again, I had no incentive to be as accurate as her since I have always used a keyboard on a computer and she was on a typewriter.

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