Saturday, July 13, 2013


You see this globe? (Sorry for once again the bad lighting, it's hot outside, and so my blinds are close to stop thermal energy.)
I was so excited when we bought. We had just moved in our house so we still had space, I had been wanting a globe for so long! We got a steal of a deal at a garage sale, and it was only 2 years old, so the African borders/countries hadn't changed yet. Plus it was antique coloring! My dream come true! I didn't want ridiculous pastel colors. But since I've brought it home its always been a void of brown in my mix of black seating. We got rid of old couches and got new furniture and I still have black chairs! 
Too bad we didn't get a antique colored globe instead of antique parchment globe. Still I can't complain, new that globe is over $500, and if I remember right, we spent $100. Then again the axis doesn't work. 
Here is a close up. 
Since I can't change my globe, I guess I need color pictures in my frames, instead of sepia. I also need to change my frame arrangement  since we moved our lamp. Other than blocking my frames its really the best place in the room for the lamp. Some might suggest a colored lamp shade but that's not my style, it would look like a purple elephant in the room. 

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