Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dream (Repeat from FB)

I had a strangely bizarre, vivid, and gruesome dream last night. I walked out my backdoor come morning, and saw there was an owl nest by my chimney (I don't have a chimney, it was also above the laundry and my daughter's room which is a bad place for it.) There were two parent owls, and a baby, I could see them all very clearly. It was quite exciting. The massive amount of owl poop on my roof was not exciting. (A week ago we saw a baby owl, in the garden center of Home Depot, they've nested there for two years.) Then I noticed a different large bird nest on my hill. Not sure what it was, but it was a very large bird of prey. There were two parents and some babies. All very majestic. Just then the owl parents swooped down took one of the babies, shredding the outside, and saving the inside for their baby. This infuriated the large bird of prey and they came to attack the owls, just as they were giving their baby the other baby. Next thing I know they were in this massive gruesome aerial fight, that some how ended up swooping into my kitchen. Some flew back out, so I shut the door. Then realizing they weren't all out, I opened the door, the ones that were out flew back in, I couldn't get them out, and I woke up, during the vicious fight of large birds.

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