Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The time has come, we got a piano.

We went a digital piano. Digital pianos sometimes get a bad rap but I think they are stellar. We have a full size weighted  keyboard, just like an acoustic. We got a brand new piano for $1600. We never have to tune it, as in we never have to pay a tuner. As in a $1600 is a flat fee. The size is better for our house. Plus people can play with headphones, as in if I don't feel like listening to "twiddling" I don't have to. 
After we had been married for a year, I found out my husband is very musically inclined. Although he enjoys music, he has no great love to will him to practice and he seems to despise performance. But he never actually said the last part, it my inference based on his dislike of talent shows. Actually I think I mixed up where despise and dislike should be. 
The kids love all the options, on a digital piano. 
Even the baby loves it. 
My husband surprised me while I was at swim lessons with the kids and rearranged the room so it fit. 
Please excuse all my junk in the picture, life is too life like to hid my junk for one picture.
PS I know low lighting does not produce the best lighting for cell phone pictures on blogs.  But remember how I couldn't move the junk, yeah, life is life, I figure a blurry picture in 20 years is better than no picture.  I'm learning to embrace life as it is.  Its so peaceful and liberating.  Like tonight as I sat on my patio, I stared at my "native" hill.  At an earlier point, I wish it would have been beautifully landscaped, but I do not have the time, money, skills or a husband who wants such things.  He seems to like life a tad bit messy.  Instead of wishing for impossible things, I stared into the native plants (weeds mixed with flowers) and found peace.  

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