Thursday, July 11, 2013


My husband and I both have a budget in which we can buy whatever we want. It's our spendy cash budget. My husband is very nice and often pays for date night with his. (I never pay for date night with my budget, as you'll see why.) I am I think 2 and half months over budget. It's a sad place to be. But at least I'm not in debt to JPMorgan, just the family. Still it is debt :(  I could make excuses but really what comes down to is poor self control on my part. 20 extra dollars one month, $50 another, 2 amazon books here, another one there, until it added up to 2 and half months. Now I'm on a spending freeze. Summer is a good time to be on a spending free, because hitting up the craft store, or target is never fun with all the kids in tow. As far as I can tell the best way to not spend money is to not go shopping. So, I must avoid stores. Unfortunately there are a few things I would love to make... I do not have the supplies, so they will have to wait, until September. My poor decisions are so lame...
If I can actually wait until September life will be grand, because other wise I'll be feeling guilty into October. 
Speaking of October, I want to know what my kids want to be for Halloween, since its after July 1st, but I'm holding strong, and not asking. 
I know I'm a nutter!

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