Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Future

The other night as we were falling asleep I said to Brent, I wonder what we will look like in 50 years.
Today I saw it.
The kids and I were at the YMCA leaving swimming lessons.
There was an elderly couple walking around the sidewalk outside.  She had braces on her ankles and he was holding her arm to keep her stable. They were both pretty tall and thin for as old as they were, and she would apologize every so often that he had to walk so slow for her.
Yes, that is my future, if my latest hikes with my husband are any indicator.  "I'm sorry you have to walk so slow for me." I have absolutely no stamina after this last pregnancy. I couldn't even swim a lap, my endurance is so low!
Speaking of which I need to go work out, my lungs need some cardiovascular work.

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