Thursday, July 17, 2014

I and A

Oh my goodness if I could sit on the couch all day long with these two boys, I would. I use to, when school was in session, and I loved it. Now our lives are in summer chaos mode.  My mom made these shirts for my boys. 
 I'm surprised at how much these boys love each other. Ikey lights up when he see Mr. A trying to play with him.  This smile is for real he was so happy to be next to his brother.
 Too bad these pictures aren't one.  Mr. A adores his baby. He makes sure I take good care of his baby. I tell him he is such a lucky boy to have his own baby.  You know must under two year olds don't have a baby sibling. Sure I know a handful of women who have had babies 18 months apart or less, but nothing compared to those over 20 months apart.
Honestly to me these boys don't look that much alike.  Sure brothers, but most of the features actually are slightly different.  But it seems they both have red hair. My baby is almost 6 months old, and I still forget his name sometimes. Does that make me pathetic? Maybe. I can't remember Mr. A's birthday, so you know it all equals out. We ran out of baby boy names, because I didn't want another A name or another J name (or L, N, B, Z, M or D). Ike's name was the only thing we both agreed on, but we weren't settled on it, on day 2 of life we just took the plunge.  We wanted to leave the hospital with a name on the birth certificate so we just did it.  When people say his name, it often takes me a minute to figure out who they are talking about.  Although its not just him, I didn't call my daughter by her legal name for at least 6 months.  She was always Nattie Anne, because I didn't think her name fit her.  I actually wondered if she would ever go by her given name. I honestly don't know if I regularly called her given name until she started school. But with her I knew who people were referring to, with Ike, I'm at a loss.

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