Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The blog is in some need of some cuteness. I took these pictures about a month ago. 
Ike - 4 months old
My life exhausts me.  I feel like I'm in a new stage of life, and so that is alarming, I'm not going to get into it now, but lets just say I feel unsettled. Maybe its because I turn 30 in two months.  Maybe its my third of life crisis.
But what really exhausts me, is every month since January- that is 6 months just so you know, at least two people in the family have been sick.  Say WHAT?! We are never sick, and now, I just don't even know. Its tiring! While we are adjusting to a new baby/six people in the family someone is ALWAYS sick.  I thought it would stop after May because of summer.  But it hasn't. Plus the two youngest boys have had residual  coughs since their colds in May. They just can't shake them.  They have both seen the doctor in the last month, and the doctor says they are fine, just left over congestion.  But boy is it BLAH! Plus Brent has traveled A LOT lately.  Anyway, life will go on.
Just look at those dreamy brown eyes.  All four of my boys have dark brown eyes, and I love it.  Just for the record I feel so blessed to have three sons.  Boys are awesome.  Have no fear I adore my daughter too.
Don't mind Ikey's face he always looks like that.
The appeal of my boys has nothing to do with patriarchy or anything like that. I just grew up with lots of brothers, so boys make more sense to me than girls. I've never understood the appeal of dressing up (even as a small girl), or playing princess. I was never very good at being friends with lots of girls. Playing cars and watching construction sites makes more sense to me. I love that I don't have to do more than one person's hair on Sunday morning, and that four people in the family wear the same outfit every single Sunday.


  1. Scott and I regularly mention how our littlest reminds us of your baby. They seem to have similar body types.

    Also, it's been a while since I've visited family blogs. So it's fun going through and looking through all your posts.

    There are reasons I like blogs over facebook.

  2. And glad to hear the little ones are better by the way. Congestion is hard to deal with though. Evie is finally old enough that she'll let me massage her face with a warm wet towel. So it's the only way I'm able to help her clear her congestion after a cold and help her avoid her tendency to get sinus infections.

    Also, your children's brown eyes are quite darling, indeed.